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Zhejiang Hobby Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang newgonow Holding Group Co., Ltd. The group has three major sectors: recreational intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicle manufacturing, and financing investment. It It has six intelligent manufacturing bases in Tongxiang, Taizhou, Shiyan, Shangqiu, Dalian and Melbourne, Australia It is also the only RV enterprise in the domestic special vehicle industry that has established a complete research and development, marketing, and after-sales service system overseas, We are currently engaged in strategic cooperation with the famous European RV brand German Hobby, and have been authorized to become the exclusive sales and after-sales service headquarters in China, representing the sales of the entire series of German Hobby RV brand Caravans;
The concept of "building a good car for family" in New Gio is very consistent with the concept of "building a car for life" in Hobby, Germany. Therefore, this strong collaboration will inject a higher quality RV life experience into domestic trailer RVs!

Hobby RV started with a groundbreaking idea: to make self driving travel easier, more comfortable, and more comfortable. Hobby employs over 1200 employees at a factory near Fokkenbeck, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. This is one of the largest production and manufacturing bases in the European trailer and self-propelled RV industry, using state-of-the-art equipment to produce over 15000 RVs annually. Having passed the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification, Hobby products are guaranteed to have high quality.
Hobby's secret to success is based on four elements: innovative invention, cutting-edge technology, modern design, and full passion. The new generation of RVs is eye-catching with excellent standard equipment, spacious design, exceptional quality and functionality, and each RV provides excellent service at a premium price. Hobby has nearly 350 agents and importers in the European market.
In 2018, 12000 recreational trailers and 2000 self-propelled RVs were sold, with an annual sales revenue of 275 million euros. Occupying 22.3% of the RV market share in Germany, it has an outstanding position in the RV industry. Since 2003, Hobby RV has gradually gained significant brand influence in the world market. Travel trailer exports account for 46%, making Hobby the most popular and best-selling trailer RV brand in Europe. Hobby. Made for Life!


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