The 2020 New Gonow's Hobby Trailer RV Dealer Conference

time:2023-08-08   visits:77

On May 15th, the 2020 New Gonow Hobby Trailer RV National Dealer Conference was held at the Tongxiang Base of the New Gonow Group. The participating dealers this time come from 6 outstanding dealer representatives from all over the country.

Shi Yanhua, General Manager of Zhejiang Haobi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., led various dealers to visit the factory workshop of Tongxiang RV Manufacturing Base. New Gonow Group's brands include: self propelled RV brands: Longcui RV and Daide RV; Export trailer RV brands: RegentRV, SnowyRiverRV (also the only RV enterprise in the domestic special vehicle industry that has established a complete research and development, marketing, and after-sales service system overseas); New energy vehicle brand: New Gonow Automobile; Imported trailer RV brand: Hobby Caravans, Germany; The intelligent manufacturing of RVs is all located in the Tongxiang base, and the workshop leader provided detailed explanations to dealers on the design concept, manufacturing process, and product advantages of various models of the New Gonow brand RVs.